First run the CenterPoint (3-D MOT) algorithm successfully

It took me about 6 days to establish the complete conda envoriment and run the Python algorithm of CenterPoint in my system (Ubuntu 20.04.6).

There is still a problem that the DCN part can be compiled, but it won’t run normally with my torch (1.12.0), an older version should be applied, but it  will cause some other problems.

Problems records

  1. not implemented for CPU ONLY build.

The CenterPoint contains two third-part libs, git clone cannot download both of them. They should be cloned desperately. And then, re-adding the CUDA path, CenterPoint path and third-part lib path to .bashrc. Definitely, one of libs can be installed by pip without compiling…… After that, this problem was solved.

2. RuntimeError:

———————————–File“/home/omaqzy/PycharmProjects/CenterPoint/det3d/ops/dcn/deform_conv.py”, line 93, in backward   cur_im2col_step)

RuntimeError: view size is not compatible with input tensor’s size and stride (at least one dimension spans across two contiguous subspaces). Use .reshape(…) instead.


This is the problem about DCN. Replaced the AT_CHECK with TORCH_CHECK in file deform_conv_cuda.cpp and deform_pool_cuda.cpp, so that the DCN can be compiled. When I run it to train the model, I will face the above problem.

The train result:


Solve the above problem.

Learn the 3D-Detection and try to modify the algorithm.